Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Mountain Light UUC Board Meeting Minutes
Nov. 8, 2015

Before the Board Meeting, the "Bid" and "Search" teams gave their reports concerning our ability to buy our present building, or to find a rental space.

Tom Norris, Jack Culler, Bruce Wood, and Ann Low represented the "Bid Committee." In addition to Board Members, the following church members were present: Linda Kelly, Kasey Castleberry, Thomas Ash, and Danny Elrod.

Tom summarized the requirements for UUA loan, grant, and loan guarantee programs. We don't fully meet any of the guidelines at the present time, and cannot avail ourselves of UUA's 5% interest rate for the loan programs. Tom said that the rule of thumb for church loans is to have donations of $1000.00 per person per year. Jack and Kathy brought up that many of our families cannot afford to make such large donations. Jack, Kathy and Terry thought that we could give UUA's programs a try in the future, but that we don't have time to try to meet guidelines now. Jack suggested that we should not be recruiting new members just for the sake of numbers (meaning both members and money).

Gayle then asked for other ideas on purchasing. Jack said that, at first, he wanted to join with about 4-5 other families in the church and attempt to buy the building. He has now decided that it could be potentially divisive to the group and he is not willing to consider it. Ann has decided to pursue information regarding feasibility of purchasing the building on her own. Kathy, Gayle and others had reservations about this course of action. Gayle said she would tell the congregation that we will not make a bid for the property, but Kathy raised a point of order that the congregation will need to decide that by vote. Gayle will apprise congregation of results of "Bid Committee" efforts.

Terry, Danny, and Ann represented the "Search Committee." Gayle presented a list of 16 properties located by Bruce, Larry Jo, Ann, Terry, and herself. The 7th Day Adventist Church would be our best option, but Gayle hasn't heard back from them yet. The Head Start building, Get Real Educational Services building, and Montessori School were some of possibilities considered. Coosawattee and GAHA buildings were dismissed. Craddock Center is back on list since they have an RE space. Jack pointed out that renting a place for one day per week does not lend itself to fundraising, book club meetings and other activities that make us more visible in the community, and, hopefully, persuade people to join our congregation.

Terry suggested switching services to Sat., but the group didn't like the idea as too many of our RE children have sports and other activities on Sat. Gayle suggested that we look in Blue Ridge, but Terry said prices are too high, and some of our congregation wouldn't make the trip. Danny suggested Cherry Log Community Center and Highland Rivers, and Ann offered her house as temporary space. The "Bid" and "Search Committee" members left and the Board Meeting commenced.

The Board Meeting was called to order by president, Gayle Wood. Board members present were Terry Woehr, Kathy Romanick and Ann Low. Kasey Castleberry, a church member, was also present. Minutes for the Oct. 11, 2015 Board Meeting were approved.

Team Reports

Financial Report: Terry gave the financial report: we had revenue of $1922.00 in Oct., and expenses of $1403.00. We have 2 CD's of $4,035.07 and $9,063.46. We also have a DDA of $10,209.00 for a total of $23,307.53 in other assets. Terry pointed out that Mike Davis can't always access our accounts at C & S Bank, and that she can never access the accounts. She wants to move to another bank. She recommended United Community Bank, and the Board voted to move our present checking accounts to that institution. Further, when our CD's and DDA mature, those funds will be moved to United Community Bank, as well. Terry proposed that one of our CD's be designated for our capital campaign. Kasey said that the congregation had a Building Fund in the past and that the congregation had approved that the Board of Directors could access the funds in emergencies.

Gayle asked for clarification of Terry's and Mike's roles on our Finance Committee. Mike does profit and loss statements; Terry deposits contributions to our accounts, and pays bills.

Membership Report: Average of 42 last month, but that includes the Emerson Choir.

Social Justice: The Giving Tree this month will be for 3 Thanksgiving baskets. Kathy will find the needy families and will deliver the baskets. There is a sign-up sheet on the counter, and we will ask for items to be brought by the 22nd, so the RE children can decorate the boxes. The Board voted to use the rental money from yesterday's birthday party (approximately $176.00) to buy Ingles Gift Cards so that the families can buy turkeys and fresh food to round out their meals; this means that the congregation doesn't need to put money in the collection plate for this purpose.

Yukon Road Clean-up: This has been tabled for the time being.

Newsletter/Website: Geraldine Barker has nothing new to report.

Publicity: The Board voted to continue ads in Gilmer and Pickens County newspapers.

Carol Johnson has resigned the job of publicity chairperson due to health reasons. We need someone who will keep the newspapers current with our speakers, sermon topics, RE programs and events.

Sunday Services: Gayle noted that our sermon topic was omitted from the order of service today.

Kathy brought up the problem of transitioning children from church to RE. Gayle will discuss both problem with Laura Burton, Sunday Services chair, to be sure both are included in future orders of service.

Terry suggested that we approach the minister from GA Mountains UU Church in Dahlonega to see if she would be a speaker for us. She speaks only twice per month at GA Mountains. Ann suggested that member, Sally Pamplin, speak on Buddhism since she is presenting that program to Cherry Log Christian Church.

RE: Kathy reports that we had 15 children this morning (9 registered). RE for Dec. will be on 1st and 3rd Sundays (6th and 20th).

Fundraising: We still have no chairperson. The rummage sale yesterday netted about $475.00, and all remaining items will go to the Cartecay Thrift Shop.

Old Business

Old business and A & B (bid and rentals) of new business are tabled for now.

New Business

Gayle stated that we need to fill 3 vacant positions due to Carol Johnson's resignation: coordinator of fellowship baking, publicity chairperson and new Board member. The Board voted to ask Gretchen Norris to fill the publicity position, Lorraine Jones to be the fellowship baking coordinator, and Kasey Castleberry to be the new Board member. Kasey accepted the Board Member at Large position. Gayle will contact Gretchen and Lorraine regarding the other open positions.

The Board voted to forego Sandwich Sunday and Potluck Sunday, and instead have a Thanksgiving potluck dinner on Nov. 22. Ann will roast a turkey and the congregation will be asked to bring other items.

No further business, so meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Low, Secretary