Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church
Board Meeting 7-12-15

The meeting was called to order by incoming president, Gayle Wood. There was a quorum present.

Board members present were: Gayle Wood, Terry Woehr, Ann Low and Kathy Romanick. Carol Johnson was out due to illness. Also present for a portion of the meeting were Lisa Haynes and Helen Greene to report on Social Justice.

Minutes of the June 7, 2015, Annual Congregational Meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved, as well as the minutes from the May 3, 2015 Board Meeting.

Team Reports

Financial (See Addendum A for reports by outgoing Treasurer, Michael Davis.) Terry will change authorized signatures at bank tomorrow. We had a deficit of only $166.88 for the last fiscal year (July 2014 through June 2015).

Lease David Johnson reports that there is no change in lease status and no new information regarding our landlord's situation. (See addendum B for Dave's report.)

Membership (See addendum C for Linda Kelly's report.) Average attendance for last month was 32.2 people; attendance for today was 38!

Kathy asked that Linda give new member information to her so that she (Kathy) can update the UUA database.

Social Justice (Lisa and Helen) There is a box now for contributions to Kathy Romanick's and Aimee Cribb's Susan Komen 3-Day Walk, which is our July Giving Tree event. Board voted for August Giving Tree to be for educational/necessities supplies for teachers. Aimee will be consulted about items needed.

Newsletter/Website Geraldine [Barker] has updated website and coordinated it with the newsletter.

Publicity (See addendum D for Carol Johnson's report.) Ads continue to appear in Gilmer and Pickens County newspapers.

Kathy Romanick will notify Carol when the R.E. program is sufficiently on its feet and ready to be advertised.

Ann Low noted that MLUUC is not in the Gilmer County yellow pages and will ask Carol and Mike Davis about this when they are available.

Sunday Services Laura Burton reports that speakers are booked through end of August. Gayle has emailed Laura to consider doing the "Water Communion" on September 6 and have a New Membership Recognition Sunday on September 20, 2015.)

Old Business

Jack Culler and Helen Greene will be asked to co-chair the new fundraising committee. Committee members are Ann, Terry, Jack and Helen.

Terry Woehr volunteered to bring burgers, hot dogs to grill for July 19's Sandwich Sunday. Other people volunteered rest of menu.

New Business

Gayle brought up the need to have an acknowledgement ceremony for new members. Everyone agreed, and ceremony is planned for Sept. 20, 2015.

R.E. Program: Kathy Romanick said that the children seemed to really enjoy the R.E. activities, although there was a large age difference in the attendees. She and Aimee Cribbs are fine with doing the programs, which will be every week in July, then every other week from then on. It was discussed that other people need to offer help with this program, and that Kathy and Aimee will decide what help they need and ask for it.

Terry will check tomorrow into automatic debit of checking accounts for Mountain Light pledges for people who want that service.

Board discussed "Ruth House" and their refusal to let Lorraine's daughter, Morgan, attend MLUUC as her religious choice. Terry will check into other programs for alcohol/drug treatment in the area, and Ann will check on the exact wording of the court order. (Ann checked with Lorraine later; she said they were told that Morgan had to go to a 1-year program and that Ruth House was the only 1-yr program in the region. Morgan could have gone to another program but did not have the financial means to do so, plus she wanted to be near her family.)

With nothing further to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Low, Secretary