Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church
Board Meeting Minutes for February 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order by president, Gayle Wood. Present were Gayle Wood, Terry Woehr, Kasey Castleberry, Ann Low, and Jack Culler. No one had sent in corrections for the minutes of 1-10-16 except Kasey who asked that last names be included in list of people attending; this change was made, so minutes were approved.

Old Business

We discussed desired physical attributes of our new home: 2 acres of land, and 2000-3000 square feet of building space are ideal. See Gayle's report attached. We discussed the property at 17 Waddell St., and agreed Ann will ask Terri Olsen, realtor, to show us the property on Tuesday, 2-16-16. We, also, discussed land on 515 north of town.

Gayle reminded us to send in registrations and funds for those attending the Mid-South District meeting on April 2, 2016. See Gayle's report (under agenda) on attendance at each session.

Team Reports

Membership: Helen Greene reported for Linda Kelly; average attendance for last 5 weeks is 32.

Social Justice: Helen Greene reports that the Johnson's prefer our donations go to a local shelter. Last items collected will go to Gilmer Nursing Home.

Sunday Services: Bruce Wood reports that we have speakers booked every Sunday until May 1, and many slots filled thereafter (report attached).

RE: Kathy Romanick reports that attendance is good and that children started an introduction to Buddhism on 2-7-16; this topic will continue on 2-21-16 with guided meditations and making of prayer beads.

Communications Team: Attached report given by Kasey Castleberry. Geraldine Barker reports that newsletter is sent to 26 active members, and 112 visitors and friends. On the website, Geraldine had added photos, and updated Sunday Services Page based on Bruce Wood's report of 2-8-16. Kasey is still working on the Wordpress website, which will be free. We have 111 likes on Facebook, and 152 follower on Twitter.

Finance Committee: Jack Culler, former realtor, discussed "outside the box" ways of financing the new church building. One way involved paying interest only during the 3 five year periods (based on a 15-year loan), and paying a large lump sum at the end of each five year period. The end result is more money for the lenders, if the church is able to fund-raise enough to cover the lump sum payments.

Publicity: Gretchen McCormack reports that there has been no change. She volunteered to put in a building wanted ad in the newspapers and to screen responses.

Treasurer's Report: Terry Woehr reports that we had a net profit last month of $639.00, and that our net worth is $26,230.12. See attached reports. Gayle will be making deposits for next 2 Sundays due to Terry's vacation. Terry devised a small fundraiser with the church buying cards/stamps and selling them to people wanting to make sure they sent cards to members of the congregation who need them. We agreed Terry will set parameters and we will ask Lorraine Jones if she would like to be the "sunshine lady."

New Business

Soup Sunday on 2-21-16: Agreed Gayle and Ann will bring soup; Ann's will be vegetarian; Gayle's may or may not be meat-based. Kasey will bring salad, and Kathy Romanick will be asked to bring dessert.

Since there was no other business before the board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted.
Ann Low