Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Mountain Light unitarian Universaist Church
March 13, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Gayle Wood. All board members were present, so there was a quorem. In attendance were: Gayle Wood (President); Terry Woehr (Treasurer); Ann Low (Secretary); Members-at-large Kathy Romanick and Kasey Castleberry; and members, Gretchen and Tom Norris.

The minutes of the February 14, 2016 Board Meeting were approved as written.

Team Reports

Membership: Kasey reported for Linda Kelly, who has been out recovering from hip replacement surgery. Linda will return next week. In February, we had an average attendance of 33.5 people.

Social Justice: Helen Green requested suggestions for the "Giving Tree." Gayle proposed "North GA Pregnancy and Famiy Resource Center," and will check on their policies to see if they reflect our values. Terry suggested the county foster care system, and Gretchen and others mentioned the animal shelters, who are flooded with kittens and puppies this time of year.

Sunday Services: Gayle stated that she and Donna Waddell will do a combined program on 4-10-16. Donna will present a "UU and You" informational service, which will merge with Gayle's pledge drive service. Gretchen and Tom Norris will be responsible for services on 5-8, 5-15, and 5-22-16.

RE: Kathy reports RE continues twice a month with attendances varying wildly this month. One Sunday 17 kids (mostly teens) and the next one only 3 (no teens). We've had 2 new kids attend more than once, but they are not officially registered yet. A discussion was held over plans for $400.00-plus monies raised by the Ken Sizemore benefit concert. Kathy is considering more furniture after we move, and books from UU Bookstore. Terry suggested sending one of our children to a UU summer camp.

Communications Team: Kasey reports that both Facebook and Twitter pages are looking great. Gayle requested more local information and a calendar on both media. Kasey said he'll add more local info, but needs to wait until his "Word Press" app is set up in order to do calendar.

Finance Committee: Gayle informed us that the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, beginning July 2016, is due to be presented to the congregation by 5-8-16. Gayle, Terry, Kathy and Tom Norris will meet on Thurs., 3-24-16 at 6:45 PM at the church to work out the proposed budget. Kathy will prepare a "scratch budget" in advance. We agreed that we should include $1000.00 per month as proposed new rent/mortgage payment, and must, also, include increased amounts for utilities, insurance rates and so on.

Treasurer's Report: Terry reports that our Profit and Loss Report shows a surplus of $173.75 for Feb. 2016 and a year-to-date surplus of $2071.73. We have total assets of $26,403.87. Terry suggested that we divert 10% of our surplus to the building fund on a quarterly basis rather than a monthly basis as was approved at the Dec. 2015 Board Meeting. This proposal was voted on and passed. Terry, also, suggested that we find a more lucrative financial instrument to invest our monies in after we move.

Publicity: Gretchen said she is still having problems getting information about speakers and topics (more than just the title of presentation) in time for inclusion in the newspapers. She needs everything by Fridays at the latest. Gayle will work on this problem.

Old Business

Search Committee: Ann Low reports tha the Marshal's Office will advertise our current building nationally if it goes to auction. Therefore, an unsolicited bid might be better since we would be competing locally. Gretchen and Tom are having our present building inspected on 3-24-16, and a fire inspection done tomorrow. Gretchen will try to get more info regarding the bidding process, as well.

Mid South Conference on 4-2-16: Kathy may be unable to attend, but Kasey and Gretchen showed an interest in going. Ann Low will register ASAP.

New Business

Leadership Identification Team has been formed: Samantha Davis and Tom Norris have agreed to serve, and are already working.

Sandwich Sunday: Terry will bring burgers and hot dogs; Kasey will bring veggie burgers, buns and possibly banana pudding; Kathy will bring chips and bottled water; Gretchen will bring lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese: Ann will bring salad, and Gayle will bring a non-perishable item since she has to miss this Sunday.

Caring Card Ministry: Terry has completed plans for the card ministry and Lorraine Jones has agreed to be in charge of it. A $50.00 stamp allotment was approved by the board, and we all agreed to bring in unused cards. The RE children will be creating cards for the program, as well.

As no further business was before the board, we adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Low, Secretary