Sunday Service Presentations

Note: Unless the material is in the public domain, reproduction, in part or in whole, should be made only with the author's consent. To make a request,

This section contains our library of Sunday Service presentations. The collection includes sermons, articles, and referenced material. If you have spoken before the congregation but have not sent us a text copy, please consider sending it to

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    Geraldine Barker
  • 2009.08.16: Outreach Sunday webpage]
    Mark Bodnar
  • 2016.07.03: Linking Spirituality to Physical Fitness & Recreation [webpage]
    Laura Burton
  • 2016.07.10: Poverty in America [webpage]
    Kasey Castleberry
  • 2017.01.01: Compassion through Mindfulness [webpage] [added 2017.01.01]
  • 2016.08.28: A Spiritual Response to Hate and Ignorance [webpage] [added 2016.08.28]
  • 2016.02.14: Jesus and Me: A Journey of Discovery [webpage]
  • 2014.04.13: A Celebration of Joy [webpage] (revised version)
  • 2013.11.10: Power of Belief [webpage]
  • 2012.04.01: A Celebration of Joy (original version) [webpage]
    Samantha Davis
  • 2016.04.03: Shift Happens [webpage]
    Rev. Terry A. Davis
  • 2011.06.05: The Thing with Feathers [webpage]
  • 2011.01.09: Leaving Behind to Find What's in Front [webpage]
  • 2010.10.24: Skyline Drive, Grandma's Blue Galaxie, and Other Fall Rituals [webpage]
  • 2008.11.09: Critical Care [webpage]
  • 2008.06.28: Stalking the Sacred [webpage]
    Rev. Dr. Edward Frost ([website)
  • 2012.06.24: Re-Remembering [webpage]
  • 2012.06.24: It Ain't Necessarily So [webpage]
  • 2012.05.06: Why Should I Believe That? [webpage]
  • 2012.03.25: Five Smooth Stones [webpage]
  • 2012.02.19: Living the Full Catastrophe [webpage]
  • 2012.01.15: Is Nothing Sacred? [webpage]
  • 2011.12.11: Epiphanies [webpage]
  • 2011.11.06: Whether 'Tis Better To Suffer [webpage]
  • 2011.10.23: The Great American Religion [webpage]
  • 2011.09.11: Are Unitarian Universalists Christians – Or What? [webpage]
  • 2011.08.07: Stop the World: I Want to Get Off [webpage]
  • 2011.06.19: Life with Our Fathers [webpage]
  • 2011.05.29: Dearly Beloved [webpage]
  • 2010.04.22: Thoughts for Everyday Living (from Times-Courier) [webpage]
  • 2010.03.04: Thoughts for Everyday Living (from Times-Courier) [webpage]
  • 2010.01.14: Time to Tell the Truth (from Times-Courier) [webpage]
  • 2009.03.29: As If It Will Matter [webpage]
    Lorraine Jones
  • 2019.02.17: What's So Amazing about Grace [PDF]
    Myra Kibler
  • 2009.06.14: What I Learned in the First Minute of Church [webpage]
  • 2008.10.19: Simplicity is a Spiritual Path [webpage]
    Sally Pamplin
  • 2017.02.12: Eco-Theology [PDF]
    Logan Nicholson & Ron Brown
  • 2009.10.30: Song of the Enotah [webpage]
    Gerald Robison
  • 2009.08.23: Daddy, What Are People For? [webpage]
  • 2008.08.24: Being Good Without God [webpage]
    Karl Seidman
  • 2016.11.20: American Ideals: Founding Documents and the UU Principles [webpage | PDF | DOCX] [added 2016.11.29]
    Larry Sheber
  • 2008.07.13: A World without Justice… Are You Crazy? [webpage]
  • 2008.03.09: Living with Tolerance and Ambiguity [webpage]
  • 2007.12.02: UU Humor: How Far Are We Willing to Go? [webpage]
  • 2007.07.29: Not Another Sermon on Spirituality [webpage]
  • 2006.04.23: Where Does the Music Take You? [webpage]
  • circa 2008: Miracles and Madness, Life and Death in Our Health Care System [webpage]
  • circa 2008: The Ten Commandments Revisted [webpage]
  • ]circa 2008: Winning Is a Four-Letter Word [[webpage
  • circa 2008: Don't Worry, It's Coming [webpage]
  • circa 2008: Baby Boomers: We Are Not As Cool As We Think [webpage]
  • circa 2008: Inner Peace: Myth or Reality [webpage]
    Bob Sherod
  • circa 2012: Manageable Schizophrenia [webpage]
  • 2009.04.19: Bible Belted Black and Blue [webpage]
    Antoine Simmons
  • 2016.01.10: The Cost of Complacency [webpage]
    Alexandra Tremblay, PhD
  • 2016.10.30: Innovations in Immunological Research [PDF] [added 2016.10.30]
    Donna Waddell
  • 2010.11.14: Is There Life After Death? A Definitive Answer [webpage] (original version)
  • 2009.04.05: Ethical Eating [webpage]
  • 2008.12.28: What's On Your Bumper Sticker? [webpage]
  • 2008.09.28: What do you do with the bubble bath? [webpage]
  • 2007.10.21: $pirituality [webpage]
  • 2007.08.05: Is There Life After Death? A Definitive Answer [webpage] (revised version)
    Jim Walker
  • circa 2008: Prayer, Meditation – What's the Difference? [webpage]
    Herb & Myrna Adams West
  • 2011.05.22: Sitting at the Welcoming Table [webpage]
  • 2007.09.30: Christianity IS a Liberal Religion, or "UU Christian" Is NOT an Oxymoron [webpage]
  • 2006.02.26: The Jefferson Bible [webpage]
    Terry Woehr
  • 2011.05.15: Got Religion? Hallel-UU-jai!! [webpage]
    Bruce Wood
  • 2014.07.06: American Patriots Are Just Different [webpage]

Presentations from Other Sources

The date listed is that of the presentation that referenced the work, not the date of the original publication.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • 1838.07.15: Divinity School Address (2011.05.01 by Rev. Scott Dillard) [webpage]
    Paul Hawken
  • 2009.05.03: You Are Brillant, And the Earth Is Hiring [webpage]
    Omar Khayyám
  • 11-12th century: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám (translated by Edward FitzGerald) [webpage]