Fiscal Year 2016-2017


Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church
Board Meeting July 3, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Gayle Wood. Present were Gayle, Treasurer TerryWoehr, Secretary Tom Norris, Director-At-Large Ann Low, Communications Team CoordinatorKasey Castleberry and Social Justice Chair Helen Greene. Director-At-Large Ed Wolpert was notpresent. There was a quorum.

Minutes of the June 5 Annual Meeting were approved subject to an addendum stating AnnualFinancial Results to be approved at the August Board Meeting.

1. Team Reports

Membership: Linda Kelly and Kasey Castleberry
Average Attendance for June was 27.5. Average for Fourth Quarter of last year was 30.2 andcore average (Active, Inactive and Friends) was 23.5. Detailed report is attached.

Social Justice Chair: Helen Greene
Helen reported that May "Giving Tree" benefiting Gilmer County Animal Shelter was well received and appreciated by the Shelter workers. June program benefiting MLUUC provided goods for the church and for members. Our July program, in honor of past MLUUC President, Carol Johnson, will benefit Heifer International (to which checks should be made payable). Helen will prepare a donation Box.

Sunday Services Chair: Bruce Wood
Updated list for remainder of 2016 has been updated and is attached.

R.E. Chair: Kathy Romanick
RE will resume the second Sunday of July. Kathy and Aimee continue to need assistance. Terry will assist July 10 and Ann will assist July 24. Gayle encouraged Board members to assure the DeBruce and Klimbal families that their children are welcome every Sunday and not just on R.E. Sundays.

Communications Team Coordinator: Kasey Castleberry
Kasey reported on the activities of his team members. It was agreed that he will take over the webmaster responsibilities. Facebook and Twitter are fairly active and Kasey particularly encourages greater use of Facebook. We have some testimonials on the website but need more to show website visitors the importance of MLUUC to our members and potentially to them. Gayle requested all Board members write a testimonial for Kasey to publish on the website.

Treasurer: Terry Woehr
Terry reported Net Income for 2015-2016 was $10,474 with receipts of $33,281 and expenses of $22,807. Cash assets as of June 30 were $34,492 with $21,374 in Checking and $13,118 in cds. Details attached.

Terry moved we pay the UUA GIFT Program $1,669 which Is 7% of our expenses. Seconded by Ann. Discussion explained that this is the amount UUA Southern asked from all member churches and pays for the services member churches receive from the Association. Motion passed with no exceptions and Terry will send the check.

The amount of cash on hand (checking and certificates of deposits) was discussed. Ann moved Terry be directed to purchase a certificate of deposit for $5,000 for a period of Terry's discretion. Seconded by Terry. Motion passed.

Fellowship Baking Chair: Lorraine Jones
The Board congratulated Lorraine for a job well done in providing refreshments for Sundaysocializing. Her schedule for responsibilities through Thanksgiving are attached.

Finance: Gayle Wood
Gayle congratulated the past board and congregation on 2015-2016 results and thanks the Finance Committee for producing a sound 2016-2017 budget. A finance Committee will be reconstituted for 2017-2018 budget or when need arises.

2. Old Business

Tails Creek Bid: Ann Low
Ann has received word from the Marshal's Office that we should be on the lookout for a listing of the property. Ann will contact our realtor, Terri Olson, and friend of congregation, realtor Dan Parker, to be alert for listing of property. The nature of our potential bid was discussed and it was agreed that, until the listing is published, we haven't sufficient information.

3. New Business

a. Carol Johnson Memorial Service
Aug. 7, 2016, 10:30.

b. Organizers – Terry and Gayle
We should expect up to 100 people including members and guests of the Johnson family.

c. Decorations – Terry Woehr
Flowers are needed. If photos of Carol's life can be obtained, Kasey can make them into a video loop to be shown. Discussion of whether the video should be during the service and where the screen should be located.

d. Food – Ann Low
Pre-made sandwiches will be served accompanied with potato salad and slaw. Volunteers will be recruited for preparing the food.

e. Facility Preparation – Kasey Castleberry
Tables will be arranged around the room's periphery. Chairs will be arranged as for a regular service but with additional chairs, perhaps furnished from members' homes.

f. Publicity
Gayle will discuss with David Johnson to assure publicity is consistent with his expectations.

g. Music
Gayle will ask member Lorraine Jones to be a soloist. Kasey has also agreed to sing.

h. Speaker
Reverend Scott Dillard.

4. Board Meeting Proposed Change

It was proposed that Board Meetings be held on the first rather than second Sunday. It was agreed that maintaining the second Sunday schedule would permit financial results to be available.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Norris, Secretary