Communications Policy

This is the current version was approved by the MLUUC Board of Directors on 2010 December 16 and was revised and amended on 2012 June 16.


Communications are defined as: letters, e-mail, telephone conversations, or face-to-face meetings, advertising, press releases, signs and other public presentations. Whenever communications are concerned with any aspect of Mountain Light UUC (henceforth referred to as the Church) they should be guided by this policy.

Types of Communications

Though a communication may be issued with a particular constituency in mind, it will in all likelihood have multiple audiences as soon as it is sent. Also, it is important to note that email has blurred the line between internal and external audiences.

  • Church Business: Any communication that is meant to be shared between two or more individuals that pertains to the internal business of the Church.
  • Announcements: Any communication that is meant to inform but does not invite replies.
  • Publications: Any communication published as an information resource -- e.g, the Newsletter, the Website, and brochures.
  • Public Relations: Any communication publicly issued on behalf of the Church.


All communications, regardless of type, should conform to a covenant of respect for all.

Church Business

  • Church Business communications should be as succinct as possible, preferably addressing only one primary topic at a time. When the message is sent via e-mail, it should have an established topic clearly delineated in the subject line, to make identification easier for the reader.
  • Designated groups (such as ad hoc committees) should speak with one voice. Consequently and whenever possible, communications between designated groups should originate from and be directed to group leaders. Individuals who are not part of a group should likewise direct messages to the group leader when communicating with a particular group.
  • Group messages should be sent (copied) to the members of that group only, though special exceptions may warrant otherwise. When in doubt, ask the group leader for direction.
  • Electronically distributed church announcements, when used, should be originated by adesignated member of a C of C.


Information resources should be professional in their presentations and not extensions of any personal agenda. Wherever possible, information should be shared among the various publications sponsored by the Church.


  • A newsletter shall be overseen by an Editor whose position has been approved by a C of C. Though answerable to the congregation, the Editor will have final approval over content.
  • A newsletter should be sent to all members, visitors and other parties who provide their email address and indicate an interest in receiving the newsletter (NL). Once someone is on the mailing list for the NL, he or she will only be removed by exercising the unsubscribe option in the NL or may be removed if their email address ceases to function, or may be removed if they have not opened a Newsletter for six months.


  • There will be only one official Church website overseen by a Webminder, which position shall be approved by a C of C. Though answerable to the congregation, the Webminder will have final approval over content. The Webminder is responsible for seeing that information on the website is current.
  • All official domain associated with the Church shall be registered to Mountain Light UUC, with the Webminder as registrant contact. Unless otherwise directed by a C of C, the Webminder shall act as Billing contact and will be responsible for maintaining the registration of any affiliated domains as well as the web-hosting contract. The Technical contact, unless otherwise designated by a C of C, shall be the Webminder. The Administrative contact should be an individual other than the Webminder. This person should be approved by a C of C and have access to all Website accounts.
  • The website should be considered the "front door" of the church's Internet presence. As such, it welcomes new visitors. Therefore, the website at minimum shall contain the following information: the location of the church, the service times, and a description of who we are.
  • The Church's Covenant, Bylaws, Policies, and Minutes from Board meetings shall be available online.


  • All brochures or flyers produced for the Church must be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval before distribution.

Public Relations

The Speaker of the congregation or other designated spokesperson shall be the sole voice of the church when addressing the community at large, since increasing the number of spokespersons increases the likelihood of inconsistencies.


The following restrictions apply to all MLUUC related communications.

  • Endorsements: It is unacceptable to use the name or logo of MLUUC or the UUA in any way that implies, without advance permission from a C of C, that the Church endorses, supports, or is affiliated with any product, service, or organization. Links from a MLUUC-hosted website to any website not affiliated with MLUUC must not express or imply MLUUC's endorsement of the latter site's products, services, or other content, with the exception of links to officially endorsed websites.
  • Advertising: No advertising may be accepted in connection with the use of MLUUC communications, except with respect to official MLUUC activities and programs; with respect to sponsorships approved by a C of C, or as otherwise allowable under other MLUUC policy. It is acceptable to acknowledge sponsorship of MLUUC events and programs on MLUUC-hosted web pages provided that such acknowledgment does not advertise a product or service.
  • Other Restrictions for which MLUUC communications may not be used:
    • unlawful activities;
    • commercial purposes not under the auspices of the Church;
    • personal financial gain;
    • personal use inconsistent with that authorized by this Policy; or
    • uses that violate other Church or UUA policies or guidelines.

This policy was submitted by the Internet Team (David Center, drafter) to the Board of Directors of Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church and was approved, 2010 December 16. Edited by unknown individual on 2012 June 16, approval status unknown.