Sunday Service Policy

Originally adopted by the MLUUC Board of Directors on 2010 October 17, and then edited on 2012 June 17.

  1. The person coordinating Sunday services, hereafter referred to simply as the coordinator, will be approved by a C of C and will have the final authority over who is invited to conduct a service and its content. Whenever the coordinator has assistants decisions should be arrived at by consensus but otherwise by a majority vote.
    1. The coordinator may make a decision without consulting any assistant(s) should an exceptional opportunity arise that must be acted on immediately.
    2. The coordinator should be prepared to provide a compelling justification to any assistants for any unilateral action and obtain feedback for the action from the assistant(s).
  2. In selecting topics and speakers for Sunday services, the coordinator will make selections that are likely to contribute to the spiritual development of the congregation.
  3. The coordinator and any assistant(s) will be responsible for identifying, vetting and inviting individuals from both outside and within the congregation to conduct services.
  4. The coordinator is responsible for evaluating and making a decision about the appropriateness of an unsolicited proposal to conduct a service. The coordinator may, following initial consideration of an unsolicited proposal, request a brief (one page or less) written proposal following the outline below:
    1. A title,
    2. A brief summary of content,
    3. A time estimate for the service,
    4. The method of presentation,
    5. List of any media requirements.

If A/V media are proposed as part of the service, it should be available to the coordinator for review upon request.

This policy was approved by the Mountain Light UUC Board of Directors on 2010 October 17.