Singing the Living Tradition

This section is for choosing the hymns used during services. The hymns are from, Singing the Living Tradition (SLT). Though we may have some of the music from the supplemental hymnal, Singing the Journey (SJ), be aware that we do not have the book.

When selecting music, please be mindful of the limitations of each selection, including both its availability to be played and our ability to sing it. You may, of course, pick any song that you like, but ignoring these guidelines may mean that we could end up singing a Capella or you end up singing solo. [wink]

    Steps in Choosing Music
  1. Know your service theme and look for music that is complementary. This will help narrow the possibilities considerably.
  2. Determine if the selection is to be sung by the entire congregation, by only a select few, or simply heard (not sung). If the latter, then most of the considerations below can be overlooked.
  3. Consider the method in which the music will be played. You will likely need either an accompanist or a technician (Deejay). Your accompanist (if you can supply one) will need sheet music. A technician will need prerecorded music and a device for playback.
  4. Make sure to coordinate music choices with everyone involved: speaker, accompanist or technician, and song leaders.
  5. If you are using our CDs, check to see if the selection is in a form that works with your intentions (e.g., piano, organ, vocals, etc.).
  6. If the music is available, does the congregation know the song? This matters if you want everyone to sing.
  7. Notify the accompanist (or technician) and the Song Leaders of your choices as soon as possible (preferably giving them at least a week to practice).

Available Listings

[Index of Hymns] This is a comprehensive listing of hymns from Singing the Living Tradition was begun in 2015 November and is still being updated. There are three options: full index, songs we know, recorded music. Please be aware that we do not have recorded music or familiarity to sing many of these.

[CD Lists] We have a few CDs at church already. Check for availability prior to your service, to be sure that they will be there on the day of your service. Also, Kasey has MP3 versions for some hymns that are not on the CDs. He may be able to find other music if you ask early enough.

Key to Codes

If this guide is not clear or is missing information, please report the situation to

  • Songs we know look like this
  • Note: This means that Kasey knows the song or he knows someone who does; however, if you want to lead a song that is not on the known list, go for it.
  • Songs that John Puett has added to the list look this.
    Links to More Information
  • words: click for lyrics
  • SLT: Singing the Living Tradition, music CD
  • MA: Music in the Air, music CD
  • BMN: Bring Many Names, music CD
  • YouTube: video with same tune (may have different lyrics)
    Sing Along Ratings
  • G: General appeal, good choice, easy to sing along. Some may separate vocal parts, which may or may not be problematic.
  • PG: Personal Guidance, a bit tricky, needs to be led. Make sure that the song leader knows this version before choosing it.
  • R: Restrictive, extremely difficult to sing along. Some are great choices for listening but not for singing.
    Instruments and Voices
  • symphony: symphonic musical arrangement
  • rock: rock band arrangement
  • piano: solely or primarily piano accompaniment
  • organ: solely or primarily organ accompaniment
  • flute: solely or primarily flute accompaniment
  • choir: sung by a choir, may be broken into vocal ranges
  • vocals: solos or small groups
  • a Capella: vocal recording without music